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by davidestevens » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:22 am
I'm creating a computer installation for a school, with all of the hardware boxed in a large metal cabinet.
I'm running two 8m powered USB cables from the computer out to various USB interfaces (arduino-type boards for sensors).
There are 2 options for connecting the usb leads to the computer:

1: grommets in the metal cabinet and feed the cables through them.
The advantage is that the powered usb leads are connected directly to the computer. I know this works.
Disadvantage is that if the installation is moved, the users have to coil the usb cables and hang them on the metal cabinet. It also looks less "professional".

2: a short usb lead from the computer to a small stage box mounted on the rear of the cabinet with usb sockets mounted in the stage box. These panel mounted usb sockets seem to be available either as wired or pass through (ie plugin in and plug out).
Advantage - much neater, and easier to fit (I don't have to worry about hole size/fitting the right sized grommets/getting the grommet over the usb end connector on the cable.
Disadvantages - it's going to be easier for the usb connector to become dislodged in use (which can mean having to restart the software). I have to either wire from the computer to the back of the panel connector, or make a shortened usb cable for a pass through.

Main question - will option 2 even work with one of the Lindy powered usb cables? I know they don't work if you connect them to a regular usb hub, and so I'm wondering if the same will apply here, and they really need to be connected directly to the computer.

thanks for any help

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by LINDY Guy » Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:32 pm
Hi David,

While we have seen some customers use the 8m Active cables with a short extension, it's something we do not recommend. These cable are designed to be connected directly to the source device (PC) as the chipset inside is tuned specifically to that 8m length.

For your set-ups, we could only recommend using the Grommets to connect I'm afraid.

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by davidestevens » Thu Oct 19, 2017 4:26 pm
OK, thanks. That saves me a lot of work :)
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