Mac issues with 2 Port Wireless KM Switch

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by randomuser » Sat Jun 25, 2016 4:10 am
I recently purchased the 2 Port Wireless KM Switch (32163). I'm intending to use it with a Mac (for the transmitter) running OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Looking at the product manual (, it appears the transmitter should work fine in OS X:
"Supported systems for TX: Windows XP or later, Mac OS X 10.5 or later."

The product page ( ... 32163.html) is somewhat contradictory:
"Compatible with USB HID systems, Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS (up to 10.5), Linux"

In the case of the product page where it says "Mac OS (up to 10.5)", it seems reasonable to assume this is referring to the receiver portion - since Linux is included in the list - and the "up to 10.5" part is probably just outdated. In any case, my concerns are specific to the transmitter, not the receiver.

So, believing that the transmitter should work in OS X 10.11, I've run into a few issues.

Issue #1: After installing the software (from the .DMG file located on the transmitter device), I found that the kext/driver was not being loaded ("kextstat | grep IVTUSB" returns nothing). By disabling SIP ("csrutil disable" in Recovery Mode), I was able to verify the kext loaded, and the transmitter does in fact work. I would really prefer not to run my system with SIP disabled, so if you are going to continue to claim support for Mac, the kernel extension needs to be properly signed.

Issue #2: With the driver (workaround) working, I began trying to understand how the software is supposed to function, especially with regard to switching. The first feature listed on the product page is "Wireless KM switching via hotkeys, mouse or taskbar icon", and so far, I've been unable to switch with any of these methods. The manual states "A right click to the WKM taskbar icon also allows you to enable/disable the Edge Trigger function. Which allows to invoke the WKM app by moving the mouse cursor to the right edge of the screen." Unfortunately, this appears to be Windows-specific, with no OS X counterpart to be found. I'd prefer to just have a working hotkey for switching, but even with a full PC keyboard connected to the Mac, I can't switch (or don't know how, since the manual doesn't really mention anything about that). As some forum posts have mentioned elsewhere, Scroll-Lock does not seem to work - even when that key is present on my keyboard.

Issue #3: When opening the WKM app manually on the Mac (not ideal for switching, but just to see if it works), I noticed that various UI elements (such as the top bar) are still active on the transmitter's system (OS X), so it's very likely that during normal use, mouse actions intended for a receiver will be unintentionally intercepted by the transmitter system (which will normally not be seen if displays are switched). This could have serious unintended consequences (e.g., interacting with other software on the system). In my opinion, when keyboard/mouse input is sent to a receiver, the transmitter system should ignore all input, and only use a very deliberate exit event to restore input back to the transmitter system.

Please let me know if you have solutions to these issues. If there aren't solutions for these things, I think it'd probably be wise to remove any mention of Mac OS X support for this product.

Just FYI: not a major issue, but the first time I used the receiver device and tried to remove it from a USB port, the metal portion of the USB device completely separated from the rest of the device (with the metal part still in my computer's USB port); I was being extremely delicate while removing it, so I know it wasn't due to some kind of mishandling of the device. I had to remove the metal piece with a pair of small pliers. I then noticed that two small prongs on the top of the metal part weren't depressed into the corresponding notches of the PCB/enclosure. After depressing them with a small metal tool, it holds together fine, but I figure this is probably something that should be done by the manufacturer.
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by LINDY John » Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:57 am
Hi, I can see that there is some contradiction in the descriptions of this product, however it should read up to 10.5. This device would have been released and tested prior to any other updates to the OSX operating system. We have been unaware of these issues that you have encountered but I will pass on your detailed information to the relevant person.
Unfortunately I cannot provide a solution at this time but I will be discussing this product and it's compatibility with Mac's with our Team. Thank you for your post.
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by randomuser » Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:23 pm
Thanks for the reply. Can you please confirm whether or not the mouse and hotkey switching work in OS X 10.5 (e.g., if I were to downgrade), and if so, what key combination is used for switching?

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