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by mikeearl » Thu Oct 14, 2010 2:59 pm
We have a problem on a motor yacht. Problem being that it is not possible to physically connect (cable/wire would be 25 metres & nearly impossible to install) an Intel Atom PC with a TV screen. System is currently headless computer connected to a wired & wireless router with Keyboard & mouse via USB when required. Basically systems is headless PC with RJ45 into a wireless router. TV has SCART, Composite Video, RGB & audio inputs
We already have audio streaming but this is specifically for FLAC files via a Logitech Squeezebox connected on RJ45 (not via the computer's soundcard)
We need to show safety films streamed from the PC on the TV (Video & Audio Steaming) but also on other occasions we need to display what is on the PC's screen together with any audio.
Have looked at Addlogix EV-2100 & IV-2020 but although theoretically they can do the job, reviews are not good.
Looked at Netgear's new 'Push' Video but Atom Processor is not suitable.
Looked at Lindy's 802.11g Wireless Projector Server, which looks excellent, but although it streams with audio - Projector Mode lacks audio.
Can this be combined with Lindy's Wireless Audio Streamer?
However, please note that we already have internal wifi & connection to WAN wifi so I'm not really very keen on adding yet another wifi sender.
Thoughts and suggestions would be most appreciated befoe I start tearing my hair out.


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