What Lindy HDMI Splitter would be best?

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by andyreders » Sat Nov 16, 2013 5:19 pm
I have wall mounted TV with HDMI cable sunk into the wall down to small cupboard housing Sky box, Freesat box and a WD MyTV box underneath.
My historic problem has been that the Skybox and Freesat both work fine but the WD My TV box only plays visual with no sound (unless I connect direct to the HDMI TV cable) with previous cheap HDMI splitters, the last one being a Kinivo 501BN.
I understand from the trawling of information over the web that I need a quality HDMI splitter but which one?


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by LINDY Shippers » Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:09 am

It sounds like you may need a HDMI switch not a splitter.

We only have a basic HDMI switch I'm afraid - http://www.lindy.co.uk/audio-video-c2/s ... trol-p1586

If you have a long HDMI cable run and the audio drops this is normally to do with bandwidth, you could get around this using either a high quality HDMI or HDMI switch with an amplifier inside. Another option might be a HDMI booster like http://www.lindy.co.uk/audio-video-c2/e ... nder-p6710

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