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by jezza » Sat Feb 14, 2015 6:18 pm
Wireless HDMI 1080p Extender - 20m
Part No. 38125
I have just purchased the above product.

Could someone advise please of the best position to place the infrared blaster cable for my Virgin Tivo Box. I'm confused because of the length of cable and there are three blasters spaced evenly apart from each other. I know one has to be by the Tivo infrared port but what about the others?

Finally I note that there is a threaded aperture on the base of the Receiver - does anyone know what this is for please?

All help much appreciated
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by LINDY Guy » Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:26 am
Dear Jezza,

From what I can see online the IR for the Tivo box is located towards the left hand side of the unit under the power button. If you cannot find it, I would suggest shining a bright light on the unit as this will reveal where the translucent plastic for the eye is.

For the IR cable, you would put 2 of the emitters in front of your sources and the third would go in front of the receiver unit for control of that.

The threaded aperture on the bottom of the receiver unit is for an additional antenna however we do not currently stock this and it may only be used on other models.

Best Regards,
Guy Mawson
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