How about a better database for discontinued products?

Any problems or improvements ? Let us know
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by SusiBiker » Wed Jan 29, 2014 4:52 pm
I apologise if this is already available, but over the years I have had major frustration finding information regarding products no longer sold by Lindy.
Here's a few examples of devices that are in constant use, but Lindy seem to have deleted any reference to them from the corporate memory -

The Lindy CPU Switch P8 (a KVM) - 4 of them still in use every day, and I know you still sell the cables for them, but there are no references to the product so we have to HOPE we pick the right cables when we order - or just make our own...

You stopped making a particular Keystone Ethernet/Phone/Video/(and others) wall socket system that we used for our offices - and now we want to change connectors, while you still sell some Keystone stuff, we have no idea of compatibility.

We bought after-manufacture strain-relief covers for our Ethernet patch cables that were constructed internally. You stopped selling them. Then you started again, and so on.

I realise that businesses are in a constant state of flux, but when you still sell the parts (cables for our KVM's, etc) that fit our gear, please at least keep some reference to them in order to make it easy to buy from you.

As for not keeping information on past products, that's just short-sighted:- As a long-time customer, all it has done is make me forego the short-term convenience of buying from Lindy in order to source goods elsewhere from companies with a longer "Support Memory."
For not storing a few simple PDF's, people shop elsewhere...
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by LINDY Shippers » Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:38 am

If you know the part number of the product we have manuals and drivers available for all our products. Most of this can be found under the manuals and drivers section on the website.

We also keep a spec of every product we have ever sold, but unfortunately this is internal, but we do offer free support in which we can provide guidance even on our older products.

If you need to check compatibility or have any questions at all about our older products please feel free to contact us by email, phone, live chat or the forum.

Best Regards
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