[BUG] Wireless Extender for HDMI > IR passthru no start-from-standby

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by piran » Fri May 10, 2013 4:04 pm
Lindy Part Number: 38122 Wireless Extender for HDMI

Humax HD PVR FOXSAT-HDR for FreeSAT with remote controller RM-F01

BUG no IR start from standby
The 38122 InfraRed passthrough facility does not or cannot wake up the PVR from a quiescent cold standby using the PVR's own remote controller aimed at the Lindy IR port. Have tried various positions of the IR dongle (taped to the PVR's IR window and several feet away). The close-down-to-standby command works, as does every other remote control function currently tried/tested. The initial cold wake up command passthrough is inoperative or inactive. Otherwise the Extender works as expected/intended.

Humax FOXSAT-HD set top box with remote RM-108
My usually unused Humax FOXSAT-HD (just a set top box eg does NOT have PVR functionality) has a remote controller (obviously). Historically I have not used this box since obtaining the PVR particularly as its remote controller signals seem to be common or otherwise interfere with those for the PVR. Typically both boxes respond. Annoying, hence it is not in current use. By way of experiment I tried using what amounts to being the 'wrong' remote controller to wake up the PVR using the Lindy IR passthrough and it works perfectly. So you appear to have a bug in your kit...

I purchased two kits. One kit needs to be installed elsewhere in an 80yr old's bedroom for use to the downstairs system. Pretty obviously the requirement to cold start the remote A/V equipment via the IR passthrough is mandatory.

Grateful for your advice and early resolution.
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