32599 DVI extender won't work with 32446 DVI Splitter 1:4

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MDX Dance Tech
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by MDX Dance Tech » Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:20 pm
Hi, I have a Mac Pro with Mini Displayport to DVI adaptor feeding the 32446 1:4 Lindy DVI splitter via a 1m DVI-D single link cable, in turn connected to two BenQ GL2250 LED displays; one via a 5m DVI-D single link cable, and the other using the 32599 Lindy DVI/Cat6 extenders and a 20m Cat5e cable. The screen connected direct to the splitter output via a 5m DVI cable is happy, and shows an image as expected, but I cannot get an image on the screen connected via the extender. I have swapped the cables around, and checked that both screens do indeed work, as do all the outputs on the splitter. If I connect the 32599 DVI extender directly between the Mac Pro adaptor and the screen (still using the 20m Cat5e cable) I also get a good image as expected. Somehow running the signal through the 32446 splitter seems to prevent the 32599 extender from working, although in all cases both the green and yellow LEDs light up on both ends of the extender.

Any ideas? I'm at a loss as to where the problem might be. I thought perhaps it was an HDCP issue, but as neither the splitter nor the extender passes HDCP and the screen is happy to work with both separately, it can't be that.

All help and suggestions much appreciated!

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by LINDY Guy » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:10 pm
Hi Mikkel,

If you lower the resolution on your source, does the second output (with the extender) begin to work?

Could you try it with another source that does not use the Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter, it's possible there is an incompatibility between that and the extender.

It may be that you are getting no output due to the combination of adapter, splitter, cable length and a higher resolution such as 1080p. However it is more likely that the use of CAT.5e is the problem. The DVI Extender is designed to be used with CAT.6 and CAT.6a cable only, so you would see reduced length or even no output when using a CAT.5e cable.

Best Regards,
MDX Dance Tech
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by MDX Dance Tech » Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:06 pm
Hi Guy,

When I use the extender and cat5e with the same source and display resolution, with the exact same setup, without the DVI splitter, all works just fine. Equally when I use the DVI splitter with the exact same setup without the extender, again all works just fine. It is only the extender and splitter in combination that won't work - in that combination the display does not see a signal at all. Even when I tested the setup with a 5m fully screened CAT6 cable, I still get no signal when going through the splitter.

Oddly the splitter works fine if I send the signal from the Mac Pro DVI adaptor via the extender to the splitter, and then connect the outputs via standard DVI cables to the monitors, so it seems it is specifically the DVI splitters outputs that are not compatible with the extender. Unfortunately I can't connect my system like this, however, so I need to find a way to run a long DVI cable, preferably via my buildings installed CAT6 network cabling, to a remote screen from the splitter output.

Is there any reason why the DVI extender will not see an output from the splitter? The extenders are single link I believe, so presumably the splitter wouldn't need to be dual link. Both items filter out HDCP, so it can't be that either.

Could it be an EDID / DDC (pin 7) or Pin 16 (Hot Plug detect) issue? Does the splitter not support EDID on the output in combination with the extender somehow (the display is obviously happy enough connected to the splitter via a standard single link DVI)? All the LEDs are lighting up on the extender so signal and power is obviously present at both ends, and without the splitter I have no issues so it seems like EDID shouldn't be causing this - yet somehow the display doesn't see any signal, and reacts as if no cable is connected at all, which in past experience is usually an EDID issue??

An alternative, although less desirable, would be to connect a DVI to VGA downscaler to one of the DVI splitter outputs, as I also have an installed VGA network, but we would of course prefer to run DVI throughout.

Thanks, Mikkel.
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