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Optik Internet Network Adapter Issue

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:09 pm
by Allie21
A week ago I switched to Optik High Speed from High Speed. I made no changes to my network adapter and the internet was working as intended.

Spontaneously, just today, my local area connection on my desktop computer began to disconnect and reconnect every few seconds. All the other connections in my house were stable. After figuring out while in safe mode that it wasn't a hardware issue , I read a suggestion about changing the speed setting of the network adapter. After I switched my internet from standard to Optik, my adapter automatically switched to 1 Gbps from I think 100 Mbps. So, I went to configure my adapter from a previous setting of "Auto-negotiate 1000 Mbps/Full Duplex" to "100 Mbps/Full Duplex". Immediately, I had a stable connection once again.

Could someone please explain to me what occurred?