USB Audio Adaptor Problem

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by oreganmurphy » Mon May 28, 2012 12:00 am
after fiddling around for ages with several computers I eventually found that the adaptor would work if I only pushed in the 2.5 mm microphone jack half ways!!!!

so I assumed that the device was faulty somehow but I said sure I'll open it up and have a look ..

so i got out my blowtorch and heated the stanley knife in it so that I could hot-slice open the packaging ....

then it struck me that the internal jack is a stereo jack and the microphone plug is mono ..

now normally this is not a problem as most audio systems are designed to handle this mismatch of mono and stereo

...looks like whoever deisgned this part did not consider that ..

what was happening is the the absence of the R-channel ring on the plug meant that the sleeve of the plug was shorting the right channel of the socket to ground ..

as I said should not be a problem in a normaly properly design system ...

so i just bent back the internal pin/latch in the internal socket (there are 3 - one for L, R, and ground)

sellotaped back the casing and voila - it's now working
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