42618 2x SATA HDD Clone Adaptor

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by andrew90 » Mon Oct 22, 2012 3:33 pm
When cloning disks it would seem that this device sensibly checks whether the target is sufficiently zeroed to classify as unformatted.

Does the firmware check anything about the source drive? I ask because I am trying to clone 2 500GB SATA drives but which have non-standard formatting, in that the MBR cannot be checked normally, as the data bytes need to be reordered to do so. Would that be a reason for cloning not to work at all?

The symptom is that pressing the cloning button once brings on the blue cloning LED briefly, and pressing again for 3 seconds does the same thing, but the light goes off after about 2 seconds, as though cloning is rejected.

(Sorry! Just got my answer. It would be useful to include an additional word in the instructions:
"Press the CLONE once and [immediately] once more for 3 seconds." perhaps?
If you leave it more than 1 second after pressing CLONE the first time, the instruction fails.
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